Panel Change Out

If you live in an older home, that home may have Zinsco or an F/E panel that needs to be changed out by one of our Omaha Electricians. Here at CK Electric, we have the finest Omaha Electricians to help you with your next panel change out. It is important to have your panel changed out because if it is too old, then it is likely unsafe and could risk costing you thousands in damage, and a complete rewiring in your entire home. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call CK Electric today in order to get your next panel change out and bring your panel up to modern code.


Trenching and Underground Trenching

CK Electric Omaha Electricians has the equipment and the know how to install underground piping for your commercial building and or new electrical service. In the year of 2014 OPPD no longer will supply your underground feeder from the pedestal to the meter. Contact CK Electric

To help you with your underground needs. CK Electric also installs parking lot lighting, for the concrete footing and the standing of pole lights. CK has the knowledge and the qualified electricians get the job done. Contact CK Electric for your free quote for your trenching needs. You will be so glad that you called us after we complete this job for you!


Lighting and Lighting Design

Does your home need an upgrade in its lighting? Our Lighting Design team and Omaha Electricians can help you transform the look of your home by installing some of the finest lighting available. There are many options available to find the perfect lighting that will make your home look amazing. If you have recently spent thousands on upgrades on your home, or recently moved into a brand new modern home, you should be proud to show it off with some beautiful new lighting. Our Omaha Electricians will be able to help you beautify your home in no time with our amazing lighting packages.


Electrical System Updates

Do you know whether or not your electrical system is up to date on the latest technology, equipment, and codes? At CK Electric, our Omaha Electricians will make sure that you stay up to date on the latest in the electrical standards by making sure your up to code. It is important to keep your system up to date for many reasons, but the most important reason is safety. If you currently have an outdated electrical system, the risk of electrical fires increases. If you’re not certain whether or not your Electrical System is up to date, give us a call.


GFI Installation

The GFI, which is sometimes known also as a GFCI, stands for a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter device. The GFI in your home or office will make sure that you stay protected from a nasty electrical shock from different electrical devices that you operate. Many times a lack of power in a receptacle is due to a GFI that needs to be reset. If you need help with your GFI, call our courteous and well-trained electricians at CK Electric.


Ceiling Fan Installation

Do you need to move some air around in one of your homes or bathrooms? Our Omaha Electricians can install ceiling fans in your home to cool things down in no time. If you have ever tried installing ceiling fans on your own, you probably know how cumbersome it can be. Don’t waste your time and effort trying to do something that we can take care of for you. Our courteous and licensed electricians would love to help you get the ceiling fan up and going for you in no time. We can also take care of any switching or get rid of any string pulls as well. Give CK Electric a call or fill out a form on our website to get started.


Recessed Can Installation

Do you have any rooms in your home with nothing but one ugly lamp? Are you tired of things being dark and dreary in your home? I mean, come on! Who wants to read a newspaper in a room with only one lamp? CK Electric can help bring your home to light with our recessed can lighting installation. Our Omaha Electricians are licensed and certified to take your home to the next level and can install lighting in the areas of your home that you need the lighting the most. We highly recommend installing LED retrofits, which provide one hundred percent more light than you have right now, using only have the energy. You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you try these lights. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!


Photocells, Motion Detectors, and Timers

When you want to upgrade the security of your home or business CK Electric can install new timers, motion lighting, and photocells. With the use of timers and photocells, it can increase  

The efficiency of your lighting cost. When you install motion detection you may scare off unwanted guest. The of timers will make your home lights on when you arrive after dark or just show off the wonderful light to increase your curb appeal.



Is your family prepared for emergency power outages or disastrous conditions? At CK Electric, we have the Omaha Electricians team in place to install a generator in your home to make sure that you stay safe and secure when the power goes out. Most people do not worry about installing a generator until it’s too late. We encourage our customers to take a proactive approach toward generator installation so that you have the measures in place to protect yourself, before disaster strikes. We understand that generator installation can be expensive, which is why we offer free estimates on all of our generator installations. Give us a call today to get the first step going on your generator installation – we promise that when disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you installed a generator.


Lighting Retrofits

Although many people do not know this, there are some electrical service companies out there that will often give rebates to businesses that upgrade their fluorescent lighting to LED. Furthermore, another benefit of upgrading your home or business to LED lighting is that you will see a huge reduction in your electric bill and various maintenance costs. These are potentially huge payoffs for you, your home, or your business if you install our LED lighting retrofits. If you have a large project that you would like to receive a quote on, we would love to give you that quote, free of charge.