As our homeowners in Omaha are searching for the best Omaha electricians in the area, you will be very happy to note that C & R Contracting and Remodel is here to deliver the best services that you are looking for. If you are looking for a company who is really good at providing the services and giving our customers a whole experience that they deserve, they you are looking at a} because CK Electric is dedicated into bringing the best customer service skills to every household in Omaha. We also have all the expertise and experience follow every single one of our team members and our owners.

Our owner Chad wanted to become a Omaha electricians ever since what he was very little. His father was a owner of a HVAC company for more than 30 years. Chad spent a lot of his free time following his father around asking many many Christians because he wanted to know everything that he needed to know to become an electrician. He still went to school so that he can become more knowledgeable needing this industry. He was dedicated to transforming his passion and for that to use so he made a commitment and started his own company as CK Electric. By the time our company CK Electric was built in 2007, Chad has already had more than three years of experience as an electrician. He was very knowledgeable and he knew exactly what to do to satisfy our customers within our community.

We promise to deliver the results that you are looking for as your Omaha electricians. We are interested in having a long-lasting relationship and continues relationship with our customers. Most of the customers that we had before who had us as a electricians, will never go to another electrician company because they know that we can deliver the services that they are looking for. People love to have us as their electricians because we are always out there looking out for the safety and for the best interest for our customers.

Some example of how we save money for our customers if that we love to educate our customers about some of the simple tricks they can do at home. By teaching them some of the simple tricks at the things that they can avoid at home, they knew exactly what they can do next time when they run into a minor problem they can take care of it themselves. That way, we are saving our customers the money to have us come out to do the services, we are also saving them the time and hassle and the headache. We also save our customers money by doing the job right flawlessly for the first time we are there.

You should go check out some of the additional services that we can provide you with on our website at Some of the additional services we can provide you includes, GFCI Groud Fault Circuit interrupter device, Trenching and Underground Trenching, Photocells, Montions Detectors, and Timers, Lighting Retrofits and many others. You should also take a look at some of the amazing reviews and comments from our previous clients before. I am sure that you will be convinced to why we are the best risk for you as of the electrician. If you’re looking for any services in the electrician field, contact us at 402-679-2224 and we will be on your way to deliver the best services for you.

How Can We Help You Find Omaha Electricians?

As you are looking for the best our electricians that is, I can that CK Electric has everything that you are looking for. We thrive to serve our customers with the best quality of service that we can provide them with as well as providing them with the whole experience they can have as the very best electricians. We are of people are highly concentrated highly passionate about what we are doing. I promise you that every single one of our team member in our are truly trustworthy we are you in this businesses because they’re passionate about what we do and because we want to serve the people within our community.

Our owner Chad what’s to be the best our electricians ever since he was a little child. Chad has showed his interest to become a great electricians by following his father around and learning everything that he needed to learn as the electrician. His father was a owner of a HVAC company for many years. He knew exactly what to do and he taught his son by he’s experienced. Chad then took him for his interest to become his passion. So he want to school so he can become more knowledgeable in this field. Soon enough, Chad was dedicated to transform his passion into something that he can actually contribute to the community. That is how CK Electric was born. We are you in the businesses because we are dedicated into delivering the best results for our customers.

As CK Electric is very best company here is in Omaha electricians, promise to deliver every single service at the highest engagement and the greatest attitude. We have all the expertise and experience that you need if you hire us as your electrician. The promise that we will never try to sell you anything that you will not need. There are many electricians out there will recommend the biggest package that they had or the most expensive product that they have regardless of if it’s suitable for your home or whether you’re going to need a are not. This will never happen with us if you hire us as your electricians because we always provide you with the exact services that you are looking for and not having to spend and ask for Penny on any of the unnecessary services unnecessary expense.

The promise that we will always be on time and on budget and we are very courteous and considerable about the working environment where providing. We understand that we are working the homeowners house so we will always want to make sure that we are keeping our working environment clean for you. There are many electricians who do not care what the quality of the services in they just care about the speed of the services. You will never find any loose screws or any scraps for you to pick up after our services.

If you still do not believe me, go to our website at to learn about the additional services that our company can provide you with. While you are on our website, you should also take a look at the amazing testimonies from our previous clients. I’m confident to say that after you read their experience with us, you will want the same experience as not as you hire us as your electrician. Promise to deliver the results that we guarantee you, as well as meeting your budget and your time every time. So when you’re ready, please do not hesitate to contact us at 402-679-2224 to let us know you are ready to make the first step.