As you are looking for the best Omaha electricians, you will be very happy to know that C & R Contracting and Remodel is able to deliver the best services there is when it comes to electrician works. CK Electric is truly reliable and dependable and we are dedicated into bringing the best results to our customers as we are truly passionate about what we are doing. Our owner, Chad, has started his interest in the electrician world when he was a little kid. He spent a lot of time following his father around whole was a owner of the HVAC company with 30 years.

Chad wanted to become one of the best Omaha electricians so he was very curious as a kid asking every single question he needed to know in order to become a great electricians. As he grew up to build bigger, he was dedicated so he went to school so that he can become more knowledgeable within this electric world. Soon enough his interest become his passion and he was very dedicated and committed to make his passion as a career through the services that he will deliver to the customers.

CK Electric can provide you with the best services there is for Omaha electricians. We promise you that we are very courteous and considerable while we are on the jobsite. That being said, what I mean is that most electricians out there do not care about the quality of the services that they will provide you with. There will always clear about how fast they can get a job time so that they can get paid. We are not interested any in only the speed of services because we are interested in quality of the services. It is not surprising to us if you ever find a over size breaker whole a double tap because of the electricians do not care about the violations that you will by doing that. So you always contact us to come to your house if you ever see a oversize breaker so that we can replace it for you as it is a huge safety hazard if you do not take care of it out.

We also promise you that we are always considerable and thoughtful for our customers as well. With that being said, we will never leave our jobsite a to IMS for our customers to clean up was. You will never find any nails or any schools or any scraps for you to pick up because we always clean up our mess. It is not surprising how many electricians will come in and out of your property without communicating with you what is going on and they always leave a huge mess for you to clean the. This will never happen with us if you hire us as your electricians.

We would love to tell you more about what we do and what services that we can provide you with so please go to our website at if he your curious of additional services that we can provide you. She also contact us at 402-679-2224 to let us know where you’re ready for us to become your electricians. We are looking forward to the day that we can make that long-lasting relationship between us.

How Can You Learn More About Omaha Electricians?

CK Electric is one of the best electrician companies in Oklahoma electricians. We have been within the business for almost 20 years ever since 2004 will reverse build our company. Our owner Chad, was somebody showed interest in being a electrician ever since oh he was a look it. He will always spend every free minute that he had with his dad who was a owner of a HVAC company for more than 30 years. Chad was very curious and was very involved in of the his father’s project and he wanted to know what he was working on at all times. He was curious enough that he learned a lot of the knowledge that he needed to know as to become the best electrician there is.

Chad continue his interest in becoming a Omaha electricians because he want to school so that he can become more knowledgeable about the businesses. After he got out of the school, he was dedicated into turn in his passion and make a commitment by building his own company and providing the community with the best services there is. Our mission and passion from Electrical Investments is to bring the safety for the people within our community as well as providing them with a whole experience through our customer service skills.

We promise you if you hire us as your Omaha electricians, you will have the experience that you will not forget. You will not resist to pick up your phone and tell your family and friends about us because he had such a great time with us. We always keep our working environment clean and presentable for our homeowners as we know how much a hassle it is if you have to spend an additional 30 minutes or an hour they to clean up the mess they your electrician created for you. If you hire us as your electrician, you will never find any scraps or any schools on your for for anywhere for you or your family to clean up. As we always thinking about how we can better serve our customers in bringing them more convenience and making their life easier.

We also promise you that we are truly honest and dependable because we will never try to sell you any of the products or give you any of the services that you do not need. We promise to always to be truthful of the functions and requirements for the services that you will be getting. We also love to tell our customers what they can do at home to avoid some of the potential dangers that they can bring to them so. By telling the these small tricks, our customers are actually able to fix some of the smaller problems without having to call us out. Save them time and money at a same time.

Please go visit us at our website at if you are interested to know some of the additional services that we can get you with. She also take a look at of the testimonies and the reviews that are previous clients hatful as. I guarantee that after reading those testimonies, you will become irresistible but to contact us and hire us as your electrician. We will be waiting for you at 402-679-2224 whenever you are ready.