Are you looking for the best Omaha electricians? I you having trouble deciding will you should go with because you do not know who to trust? Looking for a group of people will take your concern need your opinion who will listen to you and put you as their first priority? Are you wanting to work with a group of people who are talented and dedicated to what they’re doing? I can guarantee you that C & R Contracting and Remodel are a group of people who loved that job and who are highly skilled and experienced in the electrician world. I would love to tell you more about our company CK Electric and how we become one of the best there is.

So let me tell you more about CK Electric and how we are the Best Omaha Electricians. We are the best at the electrician world because we can truly care about what our customers are going through. We care about them and we provide them with the most considerable courteous services they can find. Our owner Chad, has had many years of experience in the electrician world ever since he was a little kid. He wanted to know everything that he needed to know in becoming a great electrician by following his father around for any free time he had as a kid. His father was a will know electrician for over 30 years and has taught his son everything that he knew.

Soon enough, Chad has dedicated his life in bringing Omaha the best Omaha electricians. So he was dedicated enough and he actually went to school and become educated on the skill set that he needed to know. Soon after that, Chad has started his own company and was on a sole mission into bringing the best services to our customers. Would love to show you more about what we do so let me tell you more.

Some of the safety protection services that we provide include GFCI services which stand for ground fault circuit interrupter. By having the services, you will never have to consign watch over your kids trying to make sure that they are not bringing any danger source near your outlet. This device is going to be able to detect any danger is heading your way. So for example, if there is a couple water sitting next to your outlet about to fall over, that this device will sense it and it will shut off itself to make sure that there is not going to be any damage or any danger for our customers or anyone else in the building.

You should go to our website at as there are many many testimonies from our previous clients before. If I haven’t come into so far, that them come as you why we are the best choice there is if you’re looking for an electrician in Omaha. Most people who had an experience with us can never turn their head away to another electrician company because they know that we can guarantee to provide the best services that they are asking for at the very most affordable price there is. If you have any questions regarding the services or regarding anything at all, you should contact us at 402-679-2224 and one of our amazing team member will be there for you to answer any of the questions you might have for us.

If You Need Help To Find One Of The Very Best Omaha Electricians?

Are you still scratch had trying to find the best Omaha electrician is? Are you having trouble deciding you should go with because you do not know which company is trust with the question I’m sure you want to work with a group of people who were talented our knowledgeable as well as considerable and dependable as well. CK Electric has been serving our community providing the people within our community for the best services that they deserve ever since 2004 almost 20 years ago. There are many reasons why that CK Electric is the best there is by most the is because were truly passionate about what we can bring in we can contribute to our community.

Our owner Chad wanted to become one of the best Omaha electricians there is ever since he was a look it. It was his passion and it was his interest because that’s what his father did for almost 30 years. So as a curious kid, he was always following around his father trying to ask him any questions. By the time he started his company, he was already a trained and skilled electrician for almost 20 years. Chad even went to school to perfect his skills as an electrician. And ever since he started his own company, he kind every single one of the team members to make sure that they are highly skilled and highly knowledgeable as well. He was also focuing on enforcing the culture and the mission for the compnay which is to provide every service with a heart. He wanted his customer to be able to talk about them as the very best electrician company as a pride.

We are in the business because we want to provide you with the best experience as the best Omaha Electricians. We promise you that we always communicate with our customer with clarity. We always keep our cutomser in the loop as far as what it is we are working on. We would always tell them if we ever run into any problems. We would never recommend any service for our cutomers if we didn’t think the service is going to be what they need. Many electricians out there will use the highest value products regardless of if the customers need it or not. We will never do that to any of our customers. We will give you exactly what you need and we will keep the price at its very affordable one.

We promise you that we are following every rule there is to follow the national electric code. Because we want to make absolute sure that we are following every single rule there is in providing the safety with our services. We work very closely with the city of Omaha sure that every single of our services is not can I have any violations in there. So if you see any oversized breaker or you see any couple tiebreaker, it is your responsibility to call us to come out to your property so that we can praise there for you. Because that could be a huge fetish and a huge safety hazard for you to worry about later on and that can cause big damage for your facility.

We would love to show you what else we can do so please go visit us at to learn additional information so about the services that we can provide you with. She also feel free to contact us at art number at 402-679-2224 for any additional information or questions that we can help answer you. Whenever you are ready, we are ready to bringing you the best services that you deserve.